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Top series of MYSCAD product range that deliver the full module with Geomatic, Survey Application, Engineering, Design, CAD & 3D Drafting, Texture Support with powerful 3D rendering for professional engineer, mechanical application, CAD & CAM needs

  • Dual Language In One Cad Platform System.
  • Integrated Survey, Geometic and CAD drafting- Download, Calculate, Design, Draft, Check and Print- all incorporated into a productive field-to-finish package.
  • AutoCAD Compatible: MYSCAD is compatible with international CAD standards.
  • More than 1000 Cad Function and key board command available.
  • Customizable User Interface and commands
  • TOOLS – Can be arranged with ``drag and drop’’ functionality.
  • Menus – can be re-organized with our graphical menu editor.
  • SCREEN – item can be turned off more graphics area.
  • LAYOUT – of command window – top or bottom and etc.
  • Extra Tools, Edit, Modify, Update, Hatches, Notes, and Dimensions, Create Layouts and Plot Drawings.
  • Share Data Between Drawings and Application.
  • The system is totally graphical and user configurable, giving the user complete control over the configurations for unit types, colors, attribute data, and feature display etc.
  • Full COGO capability from field to finish.
  • Create topographic maps using intelligent mapping from data collector.
  • Enhanced compatibility with most brands survey products.
  • Import and export ASCII, DXF, DWG, VDI, JPG, WMF, BMP and other industry formats.
  • Ability to view and plot image files as a background for design data. Typical uses include the incorporation of aerial photographs, satellite imagery, and scanned image used as a backdrop for the location of existing or proposed features.
  • Support Dynamic Link Between CAD drawing and Topographical Survey Data, Cadastral Survey Calculation Result.
  • Support Earth Work Engineering, Long Section & Cross Section Profile and Volume Calculation.
  • Support Terrain Modeling and contouring with 3D auto dynamic roaming ability.
  • Support Water Level Analysis with Grid Base modeling & labeling abilities.
  • Provide Various Engineering Calculation with multiple mathematic models.
  • Profile, Cross section template editor, profile plotting & vertical alignment design Civil Design Tools on Earth Work Design.
  • Provide a full double precision point based coordinate geometry database, resulting in improved accuracy and data integrity.
  • Delivers true designed-in support for the design conventions and geometric features commonly employed by industry professionals.
  • Provides numerous key features that are unmatched by any other CAD environment and solves the most common and frustrating drafting production problems.

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