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Compact and lightweight multi-adjustable
laser scanner

The GLS-2000 series of scanners is composed of three comparable, yet distinct models: The GLS-2000S (short-range), GLS-2000M (middle-range), and the GLS-2000L (long-range). Each model is a full featured scanner that can be effectively deployed to capture existing, as-built conditions for any application range. The compact, lightweight series of scanners accurately captures a full 360° scan including images in less than three minutes.

  • Selectable laser modes from Class 3R to Class 1M
  • Multiple lens array system - quickly switches focal length settings
  • Auto temperature adjustment - consistent accuracy throughout the work day
  • Precise Scan Technology - signal processing including wave form for the ultimate in precise data

GLS-2000 Specifications
Maximum Range and Specified
Short: 40m @ 9% * 90m @ 18% *** 130m @ 90% ***
** Middle: 40m @ 9% * 150m @ 18% ** 350m @ 90% **
*** Long: 40m @ 9% * 210m @ 18% ** 500m @ 90% **
Single Point Accuracy Distance: 3.5 mm (1-150m), Σ Angle: 6
Target Detection Accuracy 3at 50 m
Tilt Sensor Type: Liquid 2-axis tilt sensor Compensation Range: ±6
***High Speed/Low Power
Certifications and Standards
Dust / Humidity IP54
Laser Scanning System
Type Pulsed Precise Scan Technology
Laser Class 3R (High Speed / Standard) 1M (Low Power)
Field of view (per scan) Horizontal: 360º Vertical: 270º
Color Digital Imaging 5 MP, Dual (170°/8.9°)
Wide-Angle: 170˚ Diagonal
Telephoto: Horizontal: 11.9˚ Vertical: 8.9˚
Scan Rate High Speed: Up to 120,000 points/sec
Spot Size 4 mm at 20 m (FWHM)
Physical and Environmental
Operating Temperature -5ºC to 45ºC
Storage Temperature -20ºC to 60ºC
Dimensions W: 293 mm (11.5) D: 152 mm (6) H: 412 mm (16.2)
Weight* 11 kg (24 lbs)
Keyboard 21 keys
*Including batteries and tribrach
Scanning Control
Control System On-board
Display 3.5'' Color Touch Display
Keyboard 3 Key
Data Storage SD Card
Scan Time and Resolution Interval 50mm: High Speed: 00:20 Standard: 00:39 Low Power: 00:34
Interval 25mm: High Speed: 00:54 Standard: 01:46 Low Power: 01:07
Interval 12.5mm: High Speed: 01:46 Standard: 03:31 Low Power:
Interval 6.3mm: High Speed: 06:54 Standard: 13:50 Low Power: 17:17
Interval 3.1mm: High Speed: 28:31 Standard: 57:04 Low Power:

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